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Vertical Garden Malaysia has created numerous beautiful and innovative commercial vertical gardens for commercial buildings. Our green wall designs can be incorporated in various locations such as on rooftops, exterior or interior walls, hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafeterias, schools and universities, office spaces, and retail shops.

Vertical Green Malaysia has developed vertical garden ideas and concepts not just in Malaysia but in several other locations in South East Asia including the Philippines and Singapore.

To enhance an interior space or a building, adding a vertical garden or green wall adds visual interest without having to sacrifice on space. Vertical gardens also bring in lush greenery and much-needed foliage in an urban landscape in a contemporary manner. Transform dull, boring corridors into vibrant statement pieces with our help.

green wall home malaysia

Montagna, Home

"Vertical garden systems act as show-stopping pieces that attract customers and investors, as well as providing a health element."

Living walls have been proven to reduce the ambient temperature in the room by absorbing the sunlight present. To be precise, the plants in the living wall absorb up to 50% of the sunlight in the atmosphere and reflect 30% of the remaining sunlight. This helps make the surrounding air cooler and more pleasant during the summer time, allowing you to reduce the air conditioning required to cool down your space. The felt system green wall also acts as a natural sound barrier, absorbing up to 41% more sound than a traditional facade. This makes the environment much quieter both inside and outside the area, making living walls a great choice for working spaces and corporate building.

green wall at gamudaland malaysia

Gamuda Head Office

“Living green walls are also a good way to incorporate and proudly demonstrate a company’s sustainability practices and efforts.”

This, combined with the reduction in energy costs, means an increase in your property’s value. Many studies show that a company’s building design is viewed as an extension of their environmental and social practices. Because of this, many customers, investors, and even job candidates use it as a way to judge your business. Vertical Green Malaysia uses one of the thinnest living wall structures in Asia as well as a wide variety of plants to suit your brand’s colour scheme and motif. Because of the plants’ natural life cycle, certain species can even change colours throughout the year and can even bloom indoors, creating a spectacular and breathtaking display.

green wall office

Iskandar Investment Medini

Each of our living green walls has its own fully automated irrigation and fertigation system to ensure that minimal maintenance is needed.

Vertical Green Malaysia has developed commercial living green walls for several esteemed clients including Gemuda Gardens, Setia Eco Glades, Innisfree & Iskandar Investment Medini.

Whether your business is an upscale hotel, modern office or a retail establishment, Vertical Green Malaysia can provide you with an exceptional living wall that will surely generate a return on your investment.

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