Export Service

Anywhere & Everywhere

International shipping of our green solutions now available to all. Receive your customised pieces that are made easy to install for anyone with our quick & easy drilless installation VGBond™.

Direct Manufacturer

Purchase items at wholesale price with quality assured. Bespoke design to meet your needs & requirements. Door to door delivery options available.

Specialised Packaging

Specially designed packaging meant to protect the delicate greeneries while ensuring it to be received in ready-to-install conditions.

Customs Clearance

Dedicated experts in handling the strict procedures of customs clearance for the sensitive nature of products. We provide all certification srequired.


Supply of greenery in ready-to-install panels or loose forms in bulk.

Loose forms
  • Preserved plants of a variety of foliage
  • Preserved Moss: reindeer, pole, flat
  • Artificial Moss of different look & textures
  • Artificial Plants & Mats
  • HyGro™Preserve, green wall of preserved plants
  • HyGro™Moss, preserved/artificial moss wall panels
  • HyGro™Coustic, acoustic panels with choice of greenery
  • HyGro™Mat, artificial plant green wall panels

Delivered to Korea, Switzerland, China, Germany, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and many more…