Improving Brand Image with Green Wall

With more focus on sustainability, many commercial brands are bringing nature into their commercial space throughout Malaysia. In this post, we take a look at how some of the brands have incorporated vertical gardens in their space.

Retail Spaces

Innisfree is known for their naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand, from eco-friendly sources to packaging to the end cycle of the product – collecting consumers to recycle their empty product bottles. Their retail interior colour palette is mostly of natural materials such as brown tones from wood, grey tones from stone and green from the plants.

In order to maximise space, Vertical greenery are used. From live green wall to stacked potted plants that is consistent throughout their outlets.

Office Spaces

Green walls in office spaces make for a great feature wall that breathe life to a dull and dreary office space. It helps to improves the work environment in terms of indoor air quality & acoustics.

Commitment to Sustainability

Gamuda Berhad a developer based Malaysia, is committed to sustainable practices. This mission is easily conveyed with an extensive green wall in their headquarters and multiple showrooms.

At CTRM Headquarters, an extensive vertical green wall can be found in their cafe, a primary location where their staff have meals and event gatherings.

At Vertical Green, we have developed a green wall system that is both beautiful and sustainable with low maintenance needs. Have a place you want to green up? Talk to us today!

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