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Reducing Noise, Boosting Wellness
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Soundproofing with Greenery

HyGro™Coustic offers. you a space that looks and sounds good. Using advanced methods of active and passive treatment to enhance your auditory perception, productivity and well-being.

Benefits of HyGro™Coustic

green acoustic panels benefits
green acoustic panels benefits

What is acoustic comfort & how it affects us?

The acoustic comfort is the well-being and feeling in a building with regards to the acoustic environment (noise-producing transport, equipment, activity, neighbourhood). Acoustic comfort is affected when there is too much noise and echo in a space. This can affect communication and concentration levels.

Some factors that contribute to noise:

How it Works

green acoustic panel how it works

The irregular structure of the greenery helps disperse soundwaves and refract noise.  Paired with the light-weight acoustic panel, it will further absorb sound waves reducing noise and echoes. Proven and tested with 0.8 Noise Reduction Coefficient(NRC).