Naturally Preserved

HyGro™Preserve offers you an all-natural beauty combined with the durability of an inert object. Grown and harvested from greenhouses located in many fields from all over the world, bringing you many types of foilage.

Benefits of HyGro™Preserve

preserved benefits
preserved benefits

100% Natural

Plants are grown in ideal conditions and carefully harvested by skilled hands at the peak of their natural beauty. Preserved with an all-natural formula that is non-toxic, allowing the natural beauty of the plant to last while retaining the natural structure and texture.

Acoustic Properties

The felt and the irregular structure of the preserved plants are able to absorb and disperse the sound waves, reducing noise.

Endless Properties

The versatility of HyGro™Preserve allows you to customize according to meet your needs. Whether it’s on the wall, ceiling or in a planter. You have the freedom to mix and match with other greenery options.