Greenery Restoration

Greenery restoration allows you to turn back time and keep you green wall looking fresh and new! We provide these service for residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Preserved Moss Wall
Preserve the natural glow of the mosses!
Colour Touch-Up
It is a natural process for the moss to gradually lose its lustre due to oxidisation. Using natural pigments that were used in the initial colouring process, we can bring back the vibrancy in the moss like it is brand new again!
Patching Up Works
There may be patches or broken parts due to curious hands or unintended accidents. Our patching up service offers replacements for any broken pieces and filing up of any of any empty-looking spots.
Mould Treatment
When the level of moisture in the air is high, moulds can grow on anything as long as they can get enough food. They may leave an unwanted odour, discolour the moss and leave an unpleasant look. Our formulated spray can tackle any mould growth by drying and removing any odour-causing bacteria in a timely manner.
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Preserved Moss Wall
Preserve the natural glow of the mosses!
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Artificial Green Wall
Keep your artificial green wall looking fresh!
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Plant Replacement
You can now change the look of your vertical garden by replacing existing plants to new ones from our wide choice of selection!
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Leaf Shine Application
Applying leaf shine leaves a glossy looking surface that gives a fresh look and prevents dust from settling, reducing the need for dusting.
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Patching Up Works
Our patching up service offers a replacement for any plants that may have fallen off due to vandalism or any unintended accidents.
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Over time, dust build-up on the green wall can make it look dirty and unpleasant. Our dusting services remove the build-up on your green wall without you having to worry about the dust spreading to the other areas.